The Lantern of the Hermit ~ New Tarot Spread

What can I say that ten thousand other writers have not?  Right now, our entire world is sharing a new experience.  Our ‘normal’ has come to a screeching halt.  We are learning new ways to move through our days, encountering new obstacles and finding new silver linings.  We are all off kilter.  NONE of us are at our best right now.

I’ve had a thought turning over and over in my mind since my region first instituted physical distancing practices: this is the time of the Hermit.  In the tarot deck, the Hermit is a solitary seeker.  He withdraws from society.  However, the Hermit doesn’t go into seclusion for bubble baths and ice cream therapy (although a fair bit of both of those are totally acceptable right now).

I’m fine. This is fine.

The Hermit is frequently depicted with two specific items – a lantern and a stack of books.  It’s that stack of books I’m thinking about right now.  You see, the Hermit withdraws in order to learn, deepen and grow.  The lantern he carries is the wisdom guiding him deeper into his studies.  Then, the lantern becomes the light of that wisdom that he holds for others.

The Hermit is the ninth card in the Major Arcana.  The tenth is the Wheel of Fortune – a big change in the pattern of our lives.  Over the course of the journey through the Tarot, the wisdom we gain in our time as the Hermit will serve us when the Wheel turns. We will need this light, this knowledge, this new way of relating to our lives, for the changes to come. We will need to be able to share what we learn – to hold the lantern high for others.

With the constant onslaught of stimuli and anxiety, it can be tough to know exactly how to focus our energies in relationship to the Hermit.  I designed a new Tarot spread to help identify the path forward.

And, fair warning, this spread called me right the fuck out and also bitch-slapped my play tester.  Lol.

The Lantern of the Hermit

Shuffle loose your Hermit card.  Take a few deep breaths, settle your body, and spend a few minutes meditating on and connecting to the energy of the Hermit.  Place the Hermit card at the center of your reading surface.

1 – What is the best use of my time and energy during this Hermit cycle?

2 – What is keeping me from engaging fully with the potential of this time?

3 – What do I need to let go of in order to do this Work?

4 – What do I need to welcome in to support this Work?

5 – What is the first small step I need to take?

6 – What is the ultimate outcome of my journey with the Hermit?


I think this reading could work for any divination system based on sortilege (Tarot, runes, oracle cards, etc) as long as the energy of the Hermit occupies the center of the reading.  So, give it a go.  Let me know how it comes out for you.  And, if you’d prefer someone else do the reading for you, drop me a line.  I offer distance readings and would be happy to help.

May your journey with the Hermit be fruitful!





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