In-Person Events


If you are local to Western Maryland, I invite you to join me at an upcoming class, workshop or seminar. Events are listed in calendar order.  All events are open to the public unless otherwise noted.


First and Third Thursdays
Blackfeather Mystery School

The Blackfeather Mystery School is a full-spectrum training in Empowered Witchcraft developed by mystic witch Irene Glasse and shaman Jake Hackney. The 2020 series is the Rook level, an intermediate training. This training is focused specifically on developing relationships with the Ancestors, Gods and Spirits, Shamanic healing techniques, Pagan Pastoral Counseling, Shadow Work, Journeywork and Remediation (Hex/Curse Breaking, Ancestral Paradox healing, Space Clearing, etc). This Mystery School is a synthesis and outgrowth of more than 20 years in the art and practice of witchcraft, and threads the needle between the structure of Traditional Witchcraft and the freedom of Mysticism. A basic grounding in witchcraft and meditation/journeywork is recommended. More advanced practitioners may find the course helpful in terms of filling ‘gaps’ in their skill sets. This series is drop-in-able.

Saturday, December 28th, 9 am to noon
Yoga and Meditation Mini-Retreat

I co-lead these wonderful half day retreats with Rev. Carl from the UUCF.  I lead the yoga portions and Carl leads the mediation portions.  These retreats are a fantastic way to take a break from the frenetic pace of life and reset your mental state.  A meditation-only track is available if yoga does not appeal to you.

Saturday, February 22nd, 2 – 4 pm
Building a Sustainable Daily Practice

Balancing the needs of our schedules against our desire for greater spiritual connection can be challenging. Sometimes even finding 5 minutes to ourselves seems impossible. How do we find a way to incorporate a spiritual practice without tipping the boat? If we do find a few minutes here and there, how do we make the most of it? How do we progress our practice in a limited time frame? Join Irene Glasse of Frederick CUUPS and Glasse Witch Cottage for a workshop on the benefits of and techniques for building a daily spiritual practice resilient to modern challenges.

Thursday – Sunday, April 9th – 12th
Between the Worlds Conference

It is my honor and pleasure to have the privilege of presenting at this year’s Between the Worlds Conference, a joint event with Sacred Space Conference.   This conference is a gathering specifically for intermediate to advanced practitioners in Timonium, MD.   The Sacred Space Conference is an annual event organized by the Sacred Space Foundation. The Between The Worlds Conference is held every several years when the stars indicate that such a gathering is needed and favored. BTW is organized by the Assembly of the Sacred Wheel.  I will be teaching Vinyasa Yoga and offering this workshop:

Making the Darkness Conscious: Guising Through Shadow

Deep within our psyches dwell our shadows: repressed thoughts, emotions, behaviors and memories.  These pieces of ourselves are pushed into the psychological closet for many reasons, but they don’t stay hidden well.  Our shadow behaviors – responses that are out of proportion, actions and words that are actively harmful to ourselves or others – are rooted in that shadowy realm.  Guising or Aspecting as a tool for shadow work allows us to approach our hidden and repressed selves, examine our shadow behaviors, and integrate our full magickal and personal power.  This workshop includes a lecture, journeying and interactive exploration/integration.