Journeying to the Sacred: Pagan Pilgrimage

The Pagan worldview is structured around the turning of the agricultural year. Right now we are between two holidays: Imbolc, on February 2nd, and Ostara, on the vernal equinox in March. For many Pagans, this time of year is one of preparation. It is often when we do a deep cleaning of our homes, plan out and begin work on our gardens, and start filling out the calendar for the warm season. Many of us follow a pattern of spiraling inward toward home during the cooler, darker part of the year and spiraling outward toward community during the warmer part of the year. We are in the transition point on that spiral right now. One of my favorite activities during this window of time is to dream about, and then select, a destination for pilgrimage. 

Most Pagans seek, and see, the divine in the small things – our immediate environment, our close relationships, and the coincidences and synchronicities that touch our lives. We usually have home religious practices of some sort – prayer and meditation, house altars and shrines, gifting cycles with the local spirits, and more. However, along with that hum of connection, we also seek experiences of the sacred that are unique and not part of our day-to-day life. Many of us periodically go on a spiritually focused journey to a place we consider sacred: a Pagan pilgrimage. Continue reading…

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