Imagination, Magic, and the Power of Whimsy

I don’t remember where I first heard the phrase “in order to create a new reality, we must first be able to imagine it.” That phrase is especially true when the reality around us is challenging. As I am writing this, we’re in a Code Red air day due to smoke from the fires in Canada. The very real results of climate change are here. The political landscape continues to horrify with oppressive legislation rolling out across the country and hateful rhetoric flowing through our various media sources. The gap between the haves and have–nots continues to widen. It’s tough right now, and there’s no sign of a reprieve on the horizon. It can be hard to hang onto hope when the world around us looks bleak.

Along with all the situational factors, most adults grew up in an environment that squashed imagination and imaginative play. At some point, the majority of us were told to stop daydreaming, to get our heads out of the clouds, or were lectured about what is and is not possible. Many of us were criticized for the material we were feeding our imaginations – fantasy novels and movies, comic books, and role playing games have all come under fire from the Seriousness Police in our culture. However, one of the most overlooked yet also vital ingredients in any spell or working is imagination. And, like the other techniques of magic – raising and directing energy, visualization, etc., – imagination can be strengthened in order to make our spells and workings more effective.

Somehow, we must take this reality and make something new with it. We must feed our imaginations in order to connect the dots between this world and the one we hope to create. We must find ways to work around the patterns that suppress imagination. Continue reading…

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