Weird Web Radio with Lonnie Scott

I recently had a chance to hang out with Lonnie Scott of Weird Web Radio for a wide ranging, often hilarious, sometimes profane (that part was my fault) foray into Heathenry, magic, and more. I had a blast and I think you can tell!

‘This episode features Irene Glasse! Irene is the co-author of The Blackfeather Mytery School: The Magpie Training which is a book I think you’ll enjoy! Irene and I met at a Troth event a few years ago, and I’m so glad we did! She is an amazing person with an enchanting voice. You may even appreciate she is a former Marine, and sometimes has the mouth to prove it! We had a lot of laughs and insights alike in this episode. I hope you enjoy it. Stay Weird, my friends!”

Listen to the podcast at this link or wherever you get your podcasts.

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