Two New Podcasts! North Witch and Personal Pans

I’ve discovered that one of the most fun and rewarding aspects of releasing a book is the opportunity hang out with Pagan podcasters – they’re really cool!  I have two new podcasts I was a guest on for you today, both of them recorded earlier in the year but released just recently.

North Witch Podcast

Helmed by Azariel Flame and Sandra Van Hollen, the North Witch Podcast “explore[s] all the things that can help us to be better and improve our lives in body, mind, and spirit, looking at everything from Witchcraft, Sorcery, Woo woo, Spirituality, Biohacking, The mundane and everything in between. Sharing our experiences over the years, what works for us, what hasn’t worked, and exploring new theories and science, trying them out, seeing what works, and debunking what doesn’t.”  Caine and I had such a good time talking all things Blackfeather Mystery School with Azariel and Sandra! We discussed the way our book, Blackfeather Mystery School: The Magpie Training works as a training manual, the reasons we included material that sometimes falls under the banner of “advanced witchcraft” in a level one book, why we build in the “triggers” that we do, the strengthening of the muscles of imagination and SO MUCH MORE. It was such a fun conversation.  Also, as someone whose parent followed them into Paganism, meeting another parent-and-adult-child-duo weaving the web of magick together was just so soul-warming.  This one is available both as an audio podcast and as a video on YouTube.

Personal Pans Podcast

I would be lying if I said that I didn’t fall a little bit in love with Vanessa of Personal Pans Podcast immediately. Anytime I get to begin a conversation with another Pagan that detours within the first five minutes into trauma, Shadow Work and the wilder, wyrder stuff in the witchworld, I’m the happiest of campers. As a result, this episode of Personal Pans is….well, I’m going to use the word Vanessa used: rambunctious. It’s all things witchcraft, lots of stuff Blackfeather, and a whole lot of excited opinions-and-thoughts about the larger themes in both life and magick – shame, trauma, transformation, empowerment, ancestral heritage/paradoxes, energy work….I mean, it’s seriously all here. Caine and I got to go to some really fun conversational places, and with our preferred mix of humor, profanity, truth, and deep spirituality. Vanessa is currently my favorite podcaster ever, and I hope you’ll check out this episode to see why. Personal Pans Podcast is the podcast for Pan Paracon, an online conference with the stated goal to “create an affirming, inclusive space for weirdos of all shapes, sizes, and orientations. We want an online conference to be accessible to all walks of life, especially those intimidated by or gatekept from other paranormal spaces. Are you weird? Are you kind? We welcome you.” Like the North Witch Pocast, this one is available both as audio and as a video on Youtube.

Happy listening!

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