Midsummer Magic: The Blessings of Litha Season

This week’s offering is my rotating contribution to the The Frederick News-Post‘s “On Faith” column. As is true of my other columns there, this article is written for a broader audience. Today’s offering is all about Midsummer, and ways to connect to the rhythm of this season.
As always, I am so grateful to the News-Post for including a Pagan minister in their clergy rotation.

The magic of midsummer is difficult to ignore. From Shakespeare’s joyful, giddy take in “A Midsummer Night’s Dream” to the more sinister “Midsommar” movie, the allure of the longest day of the year remains firmly entrenched in contemporary culture.

And for good reason!

Our days are warm and bright, and the first fruits and vegetables from the garden are ripening. For our ancestors, this was a time of bounty after a cold winter and lean spring. Bellies were full, flocks were growing, and the long days were laden with work and play. With enough bounty to share, celebrations and feasting were an option once more. Our bones carry the memory of this; June draws us out of our homes for barbecues, street festivals, swimming and other summer joys.  Continue reading…

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