Threshold Magick for Troubled Times

When the world gets scary, the comfort of home becomes even more important. We need places where we can let our guard down – where the hypervigilance so many of us adopted during the pandemic can ease a little bit. For a lot of us, relaxing has become difficult. Devices that keep us connected to the 24 hour news cycle constantly ping with new stimuli. The social media worlds that bring us so much joy also bring stress and sadness as our online communities respond to the frightening events that are becoming all too normal in the United States.

There are practical responses here: setting cut-off times for media consumption, mindfulness techniques, movement practices that release stress, and gratitude practice.  There are also metaphysical support techniques: purification practices, grounding and centering, remembering to shield when leaving the home, and wards and charms that protect our homes.

One of my favorite approaches for leaving the outside world outside is threshold magick. Thresholds – doorways – are naturally liminal spaces.  When you stand in the doorway to your home, are you inside or outside?  Both and neither, of course.  Doorways are transitional spaces and, as a result, they are a fantastic choice for enchantment. Doorways also offer us the presence of a protective item – the door itself. When we shut it against the weather, the rain is prevented from entering our homes.  When a door is enchanted, it can be shut against more than just the elements. Continue reading…

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