Magpie Training Book Review and Interview

We’re drawing ever closer to release day for Blackfeather Mystery School: The Magpie Training and a couple great new pieces on the book, school, and all things Glasse Witch Cottage hit the internet over the last few days.

Deep gratitude to Ron Padrón of White Rose Witching for a wonderful review.  Excited about the book? This review gives you some juicy tidbits you can look forward to savoring 💚

“What happens when a beloved and respected figure in the Maryland pagan community is given a directive by Skuld, the Norn associated with the future, to “keep teaching”? You get the Blackfeather Mystery School! This book is the result of years of experience teaching witchcraft and associated practices, weaving in spirit work, approaching the design of a course of study with sincerity and passion, and learning from real-world practice. The focus of this book on developing practical skill and approaches to spell work and ritual makes it accessible regardless of whatever path brought you here.

The book itself is presented as a course, complete with homework and daily practices. One of the things I loved most about this book, however, is how it meets the reader with compassion and understanding. Early on it acknowledges that sometimes life is out of our control and no matter how much we want to commit to a daily practice we just can’t. Too often new pagans or witches are made to feel guilty or ashamed if other things need to take priority but Blackfeather Mystery School acknowledges the chaos of life and asks us to meet ourselves with love, gratitude, and acceptance. It also provides concrete steps for how to reengage with our practice.”




One of the coolest parts of publishing a book is getting to have fun conversations with awesome people. This wide-ranging discussion with Alythia of Witchful Thinking includes The Magpie Training, but also TONS of other stuff. Deep gratitude to Alythia for having me on! This podcast is available through substack, Apple podcasts, and Stitcher.

“Irene and I had a brilliant discussion about not only the Blackfeather Mystery School — what it is and why you want to learn from it — but things like what it’s like to be “out” as a witch in the Marine Corps, why we shouldn’t call it shamanism, and how the Internet is changing how people engage with the Craft.”





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