The Song of Spring ~ Encountering Omens in Nature

The return of spring is so joyous here in Western Maryland. It seems like the dawn chorus of birds gets a little louder every day as the warm sunlight convinces more spring flowers to open. With grateful hearts, we welcome back the growing season. We begin dusting off our hiking shoes and gardening gloves; we make plans to get outside.

Within the pagan worldview, nature is part of the divine tapestry — it is both creator and creation. Messages from the ancestors, spirits, and deities not only sound in our hearts, but in the world around us as well. We believe that the thread of spirit connecting all living things can be used to communicate. When communication with the natural world happens, it is sometimes referred to as “receiving an omen” — drawing meaning from something you see or experience. Spring is a wonderful time for nature gazing and omen reading. Our eyes are freshly open after winter sluggishness. The trees haven’t fully leafed out yet, so we can see further in the woods. Our furred and feathered brethren are very active with the business of spring, making the likelihood of crossing paths much higher. Continue reading…

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