A Divination for Spiritual Growth

I designed this spread as the result of a query: “What are the next steps along my spiritual path?”

I have a few different spreads I could use to answer this question, but none of them felt right for some reason. I browsed around online and didn’t like any of the spreads I saw there, either. So, to the drawing board I went.

We stand at the edge of Imbolc – the halfway point between the winter solstice and spring equinox. To me, Imbolc has always been about purification and preparation. It’s the time to begin dreaming of the spring to come, and to align ourselves so that we can step out into the sunlight with ease. As I was contemplating how best to approach my client’s question, the spiral came to mind. My client was asking about how to spiral out – how to move forward. So, this spread is laid out in a spiral. We begin in the center, curled up in our warm winter dens. As the spiral moves outward, it brings us into connection.

This reading is designed for a sortilege based system. Runes, Tarot, Oracle Cards, Kahina Stones, and Ogham could all work well here.  If you try it, please let me know how it works for you. To do the reading, lay the cards, stones, or runes out first, then read from the center outward.


Spiritual Growth Divination Spread

  • 1 ~ The current situation.
  • 2 ~ The obstacle preventing forward movement
  • 3 ~ The next step to take
  • 4 ~ The connection to cultivate
  • 5 ~ What habit to strengthen
  • 6 ~ What to end
  • 7 ~ What to begin
  • 8 ~ What sign to watch for
  • 9 ~ What message needs to be heard by the querent


As always, I’ll demonstrate the reading using myself as a guinea pig.

My current situation: the Seven of Coins. I’ve gained a good harvest from my spiritual practices and it’s lovely to enjoy that. But, I need to beware of getting too complacent. I’m playing the long game.

The obstacle preventing me from moving forward: the Four of Swords. I need to rest and restore my energy.  Some solitude and quiet is recommended so I have space to think without distractions.

The next step to take: the High Priestess. I need to spend time in the Dreaming, in the world of spirit.  The High Priestess calls on us to tap our inner illumination and divine connection.

The connection to cultivate: Page of Wands. I need to connect with other people who are in love with their spirituality and who are pursuing it with passion, open-mindedness, and drive.

The habit to strengthen: Knight of Cups. The Knight of Cups is in touch with love, beauty, romance, and creativity. By cultivating more of all of those things in my life I will support my process. I should trust my emotions and lean into sensuality.

What to end: King of Wands. I need to care less about my standing and simply focus on applying my passion to the work ahead of me. Right now, the work is more important than being liked.

What to begin: Queen of Swords. Boundary time. I should set some clear boundaries, both with myself and others, that help manage my time and resources. Communicating my needs clearly is also important here – I can’t just go on hoping people will read between the lines.

What sign to watch for: 7 of Wands. Weirdly, I’ll know I’m on the right path because I’ll gain a few more haters or experience other kinds of jealousy-driven behaviors from people.

The message I need to hear: The Queen of Coins. The nurturing and caregiving aspects of my personality balance well with the worker bee ones. I’m successfully supporting my family as well as creating stability and prosperity. I’m good at growing things, whether that’s personal development, a career, or purple potatoes. If I bring my parenting style to my spirituality, it will serve me well.

So, the takeaway or TL:DR is stop forcing things and spend more time cultivating my own spiritual connection through independent practice.


Definitely sounds about right. Lol.

If you try this one, let me know how it turns out for you!  I love talking shop. Also, if you’d like a little help, you can book a tarot reading through my online portal (yes, distance reading is an option).  Imbolc is traditionally a time for divination – let’s break out those tools!











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