The Autumn Awakening ~ Returning to Center

Sometime during summer, I go a little dormant. The high heat and humidity where I live in the mid-Atlantic weighs heavily on me. I begin to drift, to slip into the doldrums. I tend to slide out of my patterns of practice and choose checking out rather than dialing in. I go through the motions but do not invest. Everything is sluggish – my spirituality, my creativity, and my energy levels.

And then, somehow, I start to wake up again. Early last week, I was crafting at the dining room table and noticed the sun had set.  My thoughts shifted as I recognized that the action I was engaged in – making something beautiful in the warm quiet of my home – was an echo of things to come in autumn and winter. I could suddenly see the year spiraling out in front of me again and the slow, aimless mental drifting dissipated like clearing mist.  Since that moment, I’ve been shaking off my summer slump. Some people love summer, and I am glad of their joy in it.  As for me, I love the other three seasons we experience here in western Maryland. The first hint of autumn to come is like a breath of fresh air in a stuffy room.  It clears my thoughts and ruffles my spirit, waking me back up to life.

If you experience a similar autumnal awakening, there are some wonderful ways to take advantage of the feeling of renewal. After all, we have the Season of the Witch ahead of us!  It’s a good time to lay the groundwork for an abundant, nourishing autumn and winter. Continue reading…

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