Witchy Weirdness ~ The Side Effects of Long-Term Witchcraft

I recently attended a ‘Witching Hour’ – a Happy Hour-style Zoom gathering for the Frederick CUUPS community.  In a conversation in a break-out room, someone mentioned an increase to their psychic sensitivity.  I laughed and said ‘Yes, that’s one of the side-effects of witchcraft.’ Another friend exclaimed ‘Wait, there are side effects?’ ‘Definitely,’ I answered….

Video Tutorial: Building a Sustainable Daily Spiritual Practice

I am currently developing some video offerings.  These classes are donation based and are free to all my Patreon supporters. Here’s the first class! Building a Sustainable Daily Spiritual Practice Balancing the needs of our schedules against our desire for greater spiritual connection can be challenging. Sometimes even finding 5 minutes to ourselves seems impossible….

The Rise of Lydia

What is a witch? The question has ten thousand answers, of course.  A spiritworker, a healer, a magick-weaver, a wise one.  And?  What else?  Think back – what did that word mean before you knew about the light it contained? An inconvenient woman. A troublesome, sometimes frightening lady possessed of powers who makes the tightly-corseted…

Better Boundaries for Hearth and Home

The world outside our homes is chaotic right now. A raging pandemic, struggling economy, squabbling culture and high seasonal heat have come together to create a truly unpleasant summer cocktail. Although we cannot leave all our worries at the door when we return to our sanctums, there are some simple practices we can implement that…