Reasons Not to Wrestle a Pig and Other Thoughts About Community Dynamics

Let me spin you a scenario that plays out periodically in the pagan community: You’re bobbing along, minding your own business. You’re helping run events or maybe you’re leading them. You’re doing readings, offering counseling, or assisting with spellwork and ritual. Maybe you’re teaching classes or workshops.  Everything is going fine and then suddenly, out…

New Interview with The Wild Hunt

Anybody who has attended a Pagan event in the Mid-Atlantic region has most likely encountered Irene Glasse. As the president of Frederick Covenant of Unitarian Universalist Pagans (FCUUPS) in Frederick, Maryland, and the organizer of that organization’s annual Frederick Pagan Pride Day, Glasse has contributed to numerous events and organizations in Maryland and nearby environs….

Witchy Weirdness ~ The Side Effects of Long-Term Witchcraft

I recently attended a ‘Witching Hour’ – a Happy Hour-style Zoom gathering for the Frederick CUUPS community.  In a conversation in a break-out room, someone mentioned an increase to their psychic sensitivity.  I laughed and said ‘Yes, that’s one of the side-effects of witchcraft.’ Another friend exclaimed ‘Wait, there are side effects?’ ‘Definitely,’ I answered….