The Work of Manifestation

Manifestation…Pagan practitioners, of all varieties, absolutely love this word. What’s more, is how they often throw it out as a be-all solution. Need more money? Manifest it! Want to find love? Manifest it? When a problem comes, manifest it! It sounds so logical on the surface. Especially in a community who usually (rightly) refers to their spiritual work as being “magic.” And so, if there’s a problem in life, casting the proper spell should put it back in order…one would think.

Here’s the deal though, friends. Magic is more than just candles, incense, and pretty words. Depending on the intention, the follow through can feel like a whole lot of work…because it is…

This may lead someone to question, “What is the point in the ritual?” 

As cool as it would be, real magic doesn’t look like fireballs and levitation. It looks like the motivation to get up off the couch and do thirty minutes on the treadmill that has been collecting dust for years. It looks like finding the courage to leave an abusive situation after too many years of telling yourself it needed to end. Real magic looks like the strength to google “Therapists near me” and actually make a phone call this time. 

There are some very simple things that can be done to ensure that you have a practical approach to manifesting things into your life while still wielding what is true, and powerful magic. 

1. Clearly Define The Goal: If you don’t know what you want your outcome to look like, then manifesting it magically becomes nearly impossible. If better health is your intended outcome, for example, simply saying the words “I want to feel better,” is not enough. Instead, visualize exactly what that would look like. Think of the hobbies you may begin to engage in when you “feel better.” Imagine places you would like to visit. Consider how it will affect your social life, and your relationship with yourself. Then, take all of that information and find a way to create a sort of icon for it. Perhaps a dream board with pictures you print or draw? If you work with sigils or bindrunes, you may create one that incorporates each facet of your goal into a symbol that you craft. Speaking of facets! You could get a crystal like a chunk of quartz and paint the symbols onto each of its facets. It might even just look like a checklist if that feels right to you. What matters most is that you have something assembled that represents the sum total of your goal.

2.Create A Plan For Supporting the Work: Once again, manifestation takes effort. While there are definitely occasions where a spell works on its own it, more often than not, will require that you do something on your end to meet it in the middle. Once your goal is clearly defined, it’s time to consider all of the steps you may need to take to pursue it. Sticking with the above example, if one facet of feeling better to you means taking up disc golf but walking around is tough, then you will want to consider figuring out how you can improve your mobility on your own. Maybe that means getting an aid like a cane. Or beginning a routine of taking small walks every single day to build your stamina. Either way, you will want to plan as much and as best you can for every single facet of your goal.

3.Use a Ritual You Genuinely Connect With: One of the most beautiful things about witchcraft is that it puts the power of choice in the practitioner’s hands. As tempting as it may be to buy a book of 1001 spells and treat it like a new bible, there exists a risk of not actually feeling like it’s your magic. So, even if you do decide to use a spell that you’ve found in a book, or on the internet, or even paid someone else to make for you, it is imperative that the spell contains elements that actually resonate with you on a deep and profound level. You should, when practicing magic, feel as if it is an extension of your soul. Your Will. Always spend time truly sitting with the ritual you intend to use while asking yourself if every part of it feels right for you. If something seems off, change it. Period. Maybe a specific oil being used has bad memories attached to it. Or, the flow of the words doesn’t feel natural to you as you read them to yourself. That’s okay. Pick something that fits better with you and is still appropriate for the magic. Most spell elements, such as crystals, oils and herbs, have at least a few different varieties with overlapping properties. The important part here is that the magic is empowering to you. A ritual that doesn’t seem genuine will generally fail to produce worthwhile results.

If you take anything away from this rant, may it be that magic has the potential to change your life. Truly. The correct combination of focus, creativity, and willpower can and will alter the very fabric of reality. We have that ability…That Power… within us, to shift things in incredible ways; but it isn’t easy. Lastly, Magic is real; and real magic takes work. You’ve got this though. I believe in you.

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