The Turn in the Path: Late Summer Blessings

I felt the coming change of season a few nights ago. The usual August heat had given way during an afternoon thunderstorm and a cool, damp breeze touched my skin. The relief from the sweltering temperatures was immediate, joyful, and then contemplative: I know what this means. Summer is winding down.

We still have some long, hot days ahead of us, but the turn in the path has appeared and is drawing ever nearer.

Many pagans view the cycle of the seasons, and our relationship to that cycle, as a spiral that reaches out from center during the waxing season (spring and summer) and curls in toward center during the waning season (autumn and winter). The outward spiral is one of connection — of festivals, gardens, gatherings and activity. The inward spiral is one of personal growth and nurturing — of time spent reading, crafting, resting and recovering.

We are enjoying the last moments of the waxing season right now. At the autumnal equinox on Sept. 22, day and night will be equal in length. After that, the nights grow longer than the days, and the inward spiral begins. The occasional cool mornings and evenings we are experiencing right now are a whisper of things to come.  Continue reading…

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