Away on Honeymoon

Hello, lovely one. The Cottage is going to be a little quiet for a few weeks. My spouse, Ash, and I were married back in November. For our honeymoon, we wanted to visit Iceland.  However, Iceland in winter is…well, a bit chilly. lol. So, we planned a summer honeymoon, and now it’s here. I’ll be back and posting starting in early September. Until then, please take advantage of the many blogs and articles in the archives here. You can search by topic or simply browse by month. The Cottage has been open since 2018, so there’s quite a bit of material on the shelves 🙂

This honeymoon will be my first vacation in roughly 11 years. I do a lot of working travel – performing or teaching at festivals, gatherings, and conferences. Going somewhere and NOT working is a lot less common. So, my goal for myself is not to check email or work at all during my honeymoon. I’d like to try to simply be present with Ash in the land of Ice and Fire. As a result, if you place a booking request between August 16th and 30th, you may not see a confirmation come through until early September. Same with communication on other platforms like messenger and email – I’m hoping to stay offline pretty much the entire time.

Be well, and I’ll see you on the other side.

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