Book Announcement~Coming This Spring!

I have some big news to share today.  Many of you already know that I teach Blackfeather Mystery School with my co-teacher Caine Dreamwalker. Our school is in its third year right now. Blackfeather Mystery School is a full-spectrum training in Empowered Witchcraft. It is a synthesis and outgrowth of more than 20 years in the art and practice of witchcraft, and threads the needle between the structure of Traditional Witchcraft and the freedom of Mysticism.

Last year, when the world was completely shut down due to the plague, I reworked the material from the first year’s training of Blackfeather Mystery School (Magpie level). I redesigned the classes for distance learning and expanded them. Caine and I recorded meditations and a few video tutorials to act as supplements to the text. We recently signed with Dragon Alchemy Publishing to publish our work.

Gods willing and the creek don’t rise (knock on wood, cross all the things), the first printed volume of Blackfeather Mystery School will be released into the wild this upcoming spring. I’m excited and terrified all at once, and I am so proud to be able to offer you my first book soon.

I am planning to hold an online Magpie training to coincide with the book release. More details on that as we get closer.

Deep gratitude to my students and supporters – you are why this was able to happen. Thank you for the pleasure and privilege of supporting your journey.

Members of my Patreon will receive advance information about the book and its contents, so if you’re super-excited, hop on over and sign up.

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