Solstice Blessings: Seeds, Sun and Shadow

I recently accepted an invitation to become part of the writing rotation for the The Frederick News-Post ‘s ‘Words of Faith’ section – a column written by local leaders of various spiritual paths in the Frederick area. This is my first contribution to the column.

Bright summer is upon us, and the change of seasons brings us out into the light of long, warm days and short nights.

The longest day of this year, the summer solstice, was June 20. This day, when the darkness of night is of shortest duration, holds great meaning for those of us who practice Earth-centered spirituality.

In contemporary pagan practice, the summer solstice is one of our high holy days. Many of us refer to the holiday as Litha, a name that comes from the Anglo-Saxon word for the months that we think of as June and July. At this time, we celebrate the benefits of the abundant sunshine upon our lives and efforts. The seeds we planted back at the vernal equinox in mid-March are beginning to be productive… Continue reading…

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