A Releasing and Intention Setting for Solitaries and Groups

Back on April 7th, I led the Frederick CUUPS community in an online full moon ritual. Our ritual focused on developing an intention and supporting affirmation to carry us through the next lunar cycle. Although this ritual was performed for the full moon, it could be done at any time.

The way I am using the word intention here is as an internal gazing-point or focus. It is a simple concept, emotion, idea, or goal that we weave into our lives. Many intentions are just one word, or two. The power of intention-setting is that it can gently shift the energy that permeates our lives. For example, if my intention for the month is ‘Calmness,’ I can reflect on that word over coffee in the morning. While I am doing dishes, cleaning, or gardening, I can think about doing so with calmness. I can remind myself while interacting with others that my intention is calmness and watch that energy transform those moments of interaction. Continue reading….

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