Waking the Wild

New blog today on the Nature’s Sacred Journey Patheos! “You see, we need our Wild. That ancestral echo within us is not just a random collection of desires and sensations. It is a wisdom carried within our very blood, hiding in the spaces within us that have not changed in millennia. Our Wild is a language, a way of interacting with the world that is deeply meaningful… It offers us non-rational ways of knowing vital information. It gives us strength to resist paths and relationships that are not healthy for us. It connects us to the natural world around us, allowing us to live with the cycles of nature as opposed to struggling against them. It deepens our authenticity, our ability to express our true selves and choose correctly for our nature. When we live in that truth, our lives are satisfying and fulfilling. Most of all, the Wild within is our connection to our own spirituality, to the deepest part of us that is so often aching and empty in the maze of concrete and artificial light we live in. We are complex beings, and we built complex structures to match our growth as a species. But we lost track of something crucial – our own luxuriant, free, feral vitality.”  Read the rest here.

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