In honor of the first frost ~ poetry

October 19th saw the first frost hit our area, and it brought to mind this poem I wrote last year.  I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it!

In honor of the first frost this morning.


Icy kiss upon my lips
Cold fingers in my hair
A touch that is both sharp and sweet
Is hanging in the air

Messages in crystal
On the window of my room
Promise of the longest night
A lover coming soon

Flowers shine with silver frost
In that cold bouquet
An autumn token of the love
That’s coming soon to stay

Red and gold the leaves now fall
Skin slow to reveal
Blushing flesh and shining eyes
To the darkness steal

Hills of fire and crackling leaves
Torches bursting flames
Welcoming that frosty touch
Chilling all it claims

The Dark Court dances as the Hunt
Rides wild upon the wind
Carries shadow to your door
Winter soon begins

~ Irene Glasse, 2017

#poetry #pagan #autumn #winter

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